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WELCOME Center Food Pantry

The current WELCOME Center facility was built (according to city tax records) in 1949 and has had minor improvements over the years. The building is a block construction, with little to no insulation on exterior wall or ceiling.  The electrical wiring needs to be updated.   It has housed the WELCOME Center since 1994, initially the Center shared half of the building with numerous tenants.  The city of Millbrook acquired the building in 2019 and let the Center occupy the entire facility.  The unoccupied side does not have heating or A/C and is used only for storage, while the main WELCOME Center is the heart of the pantry, serving over 200 families each month. 


With this the WELCOME Center has started an initiative to look for an existing or build a new facility with-in the next 18 months.  This is a huge undertaking, as the backbone of the WELCOME Center is our local churches with Coosada Baptist, Millbrook Baptist, Millbrook Presbyterian, Robinson Spring United Methodist, first United Methodist and Grace Community Churches primary stakeholders in the Pantry. 


Our desires for the facility

5000 square feet or more.  For the pantry plus counseling/training rooms

A lot large enough for the building and parking – would be great if the lot was large enough to support the monthly mobile pantry currently being held in the Air Now/Climate Control Storage parking lot

If you would like to support our Capital Improvement/Building efforts and watch us grow

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