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Capital Campaign

Together, We Can Make A Difference

Why Does WELCOME Need a New Home?

The current facility is nearly a century old, unsafe, and insufficient to serve the increasing number of families it serves. That’s why urgent plans are underway to construct an expanded pantry to help the citizens of West Elmore County regain stability in their lives as they suffer the effects of poverty and food insecurity.


The Welcome Home Building Campaign is underway to raise funds for a new pantry that will offer social services and food assistance while also assisting the community during emergencies and severe weather.

When you make a pledge or donate to the Welcome Home Building Campaign, you are changing the lives of Alabamans who often face impossible choices, such as food or rent. Nutritious food delivered with kindness at the new pantry will be a welcome sight indeed!


WELCOME is a vital resource for food-insecure families in West Elmore County, Alabama providing food pantry assistance for approximately half of the county. WELCOME collaborates with churches, community organizations, and Heart of Alabama Food Bank & Midwest Food Bank to feed over 300 families each month.


WELCOME currently operates from an inadequate 1940s brick building, unfit to meet the organization's growing needs. The lack of storage, parking, and covered service space hampers the mission to assist food-insecure families. Neighbors often endure long lines in a muddy field, making the experience even more difficult for seniors and those with physical challenges.

To help neighbors who battle the effects of poverty, hunger, and emergencies, WELCOME must expand its reach with a suitable facility.

WELCOME’s Future

WELCOME is in the process of identifying a new location near the communities it serves. The
estimated budget is $2,025,000 and will rely on individual, business, municipal, foundation, and
corporate supporters.

The new facility will feature ample cold and dry storage, counseling space, loading
docks, parking, and a guest pick that will address the vulnerability to Alabama weather.

With almost half of the necessary assets raised, it's time to intensify efforts to seek
supporters and funding for WELCOME's new home. If you or someone you know would
like to support the Welcome Home Building Campaign, please use the links below to donate or contact us to learn more.

New WELCOME Facility Sample Floor Plan

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