Forth Thursday Food Drop

On the fourth Thursday every month (weather Permitting) the WELCOME Food Pantry holds a Food Drop in the parking lot of the Climate Control Storage Facility at 3575, Main Street, Millbrook.  All the food is provided by the Montgomery Area Food Bank with donations reimbursing the cost of transportation. 

A single load averages 17,500 lbs and we distribute on an average to 205 families, feeding 630 individuals.


June's Food Drop is sponsored by the Protective Services in Prattville  (


To participate in the Food Drop, one must be a resident of West Elmore County and register with the WELCOME Food Pantry on Main St Millbrook the 21st, our address is 3253 Main St, Millbrook, AL 36054 We are open on Thursdays from 8 am to 2 pm 


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June's Food Drop is scheduled for 24 June

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Blessed with Volunteers with out we could not have these food drops